Challenging present

The production of audiovisual entertainment has been part of our core business for 3 decades now. Increasingly, however, the emerging changes in our society are becoming the focus of our interest. What values are important to us, how do we want to live in the future and what do we have to do to achieve these goals. We also want to participate in this discourse !

Creatives are developing and producing enormously exciting formats worldwide. Our own contribution focuses on historical and/or artistic productions with which we want to contribute to a better understanding of our present. 
However, we are also happy to develop or participate in third-party projects - licence trading is our preferred field of activity.     

Never has a time been more exciting than today.

In House productions that are particularly close to our hearts



LUZY.ONE is our first prototype of a virtual human and is not yet perfect at all. 
With her, we are gaining experience in using motion capture technology and virtual spaces, which we are increasingly incorporating into immersive projects.



In addition to our office, we also operate a small green screen studio in Munich,  
which can be used for productions in virtual space or as a normal TV studio.