Art Classics

Art is the most fascinating form of expression of human existence. It broadens horizons, changes perspectives and brings people into conversation with each other. 
Since the exclusive acquisition of all commercial rights to the estate of LENI RIEFENSTAHL, we have been working to make these unique works accessible to the public in a fresh context.
In addition to well-known film classics, these include her publications and a wealth of impressive photographic works.
NEW in our portfolio is the enthnographic documentary film " Longing for Innocence" , which was made on the basis of the unfinished Nuba film from 1976. In addition, there is an immersive experience of all of Riefenstahl's Africa expeditions.


  •                               SEHNSUCHT NACH UNSCHULD/ Colour / (1978) Release 2023
  •                               WUNDER UNTER WASSER/ Colour / Released 2000           
  •                               TIEFLAND   / Restored / B/W / Released 1954                                       
  •                               DAS BLAUE LICHT /  Restored / B/W / Release 1932


  •                                KAMPF IN EIS UND SCHNEE – Leni Riefenstahl /1933      
  •                                OLYMPIA - Leni Riefenstahl / 1937/1988 / 2002
  •                                DIE NUBA VON MESAKIN – Leni Riefenstahl / 1973 
  •                                DIE NUBA VON KAU – Leni Riefenstahl / 1976 
  •                                MEIN AFRIKA – Leni Riefenstahl / 1982
  •                                KORALLENGÄRTEN – Leni Riefenstahl / 1978               
  •                                FÜNF LEBEN - MEMOIREN - Leni Riefenstahl  u.v.m.   



"Popstars" was a TV show in the noughties that became the hit guarantor for many new bands of that time.
Almost every pop star band started with a #1 hit that we all still remember fondly today.
 The stories of how all these bands came to be can still be found in our archive.

  •                                "Daylight in your Eyes" ( No Angles), 
  •                                "I Believe“ (Bro’Sis) , 
  •                                "Schick mir nen Engel“ (Overground),
  •                                "Sweetest Poison (Nu Pagadi);
  •                                "Hot Summer" (Monrose) und
  •                                "No Smoke“ (Queensberry)   u.v.a


One band even got its own cartoon series " BroSis - Wiggle It" and continued the
thus continuing the tradition of fully illustrated albums of the great bands.

  •                                13 episodes of 20 minutes each 
  •                                Audio: German & English



The TV series "Fluch des Falken" (Curse of the Falcon) is a coming of age series with 164 episodes in which adolescents deal with the mysteries in a school hostel.
The series was produced by us in 2012-2015 for Bayrischer Rundfunk and has been available on Amazon Prime Video for years, alongside KiKa and Arte, with consistent popularity. A real classic.